Before the storm…

If you are living at the east coast like we do, chances are you know there’s a storm coming. But wait! Not the storm everyone is talking about on the media with tornadoes and 70 mph gusts. Nope… I am talking about a storm of Whippet puppies, who got to turn our world (deck) upside down for the first time EVER!

But for real now. There’s bad weather coming, and I wanted the pups to get a chance at some fresh air before we all coop up inside and ride it all out. Ten minutes on the deck makes for tired puppies, and I expect them to take a 3+ hours nap now.

Enjoy the pictures and the video. We might lose power over the weekend since we live in the middle of the forest. And when you live in the forest trees fall – like, on top of the power lines 😉



Please note: sorry for the focus. They are too close and too fast, so I always have to manually focus in and out 🙂


Mom was NOT happy

Mom hates when I come around to change the liner, because that means waking the puppy, ultimately causing chaos. The loud kind. The kind only extra snuggles with mom can fix. Look at her eyes when she gets into the camera 🙂 YES, I am guilty of waking the puppies, and I will do it again.

We needed a bath!

It was time for the puppies to take a dip in my pancake mixing-bowl (yeah, we are fancy like that!). The whelping box has been cleaned and sterilized, the pig rail hosed down in the yard. We also adjusted their ID tags, giving their growing bodies a bit more breathing space 😉


I-Litter // Dam and Sire

If you wondered about the parents of our current litter, please read below. Please note, as with all of our breeding animals, dam and sire have been health tested to ensure breeding soundness.


Domino vom Tempelgarten:
Domino was imported from Europe in 2011 and is a red brindle with white markings. Domino is the vibrant picture of the original Whippet which can rarely be found outside of Europe, giving our litters a distinct look of greater elegance, finer bones and softer coats. As one of the few triple registered sires in the US, Domino conforms to the FCI international as well as the AKC American breed standards. His devotion, loyalty to our family and obedience are unquestioned, and his sound mind and gentle personality certainly make him stand out. Domino, too, comes from a long line of champions, and his agility and speed have made previous offspring successful in agility competitions.
Netherfield’s Ada:
Ada is a 2013 born girl with blue-fawn coat and blue mask. She is registered with the AKC, as well as the FCI and Whippet Club Deutschland (VDH). If your puppy exceeds at flyball and coursing, chances are mom played a big role in it. Ada is a very agile representative of her breed, and has also proven herself as hunting companion. She is an affectionate mother and very protective of her pups, particularly for the first two weeks of their lives.