Before the storm…

If you are living at the east coast like we do, chances are you know there’s a storm coming. But wait! Not the storm everyone is talking about on the media with tornadoes and 70 mph gusts. Nope… I am talking about a storm of Whippet puppies, who got to turn our world (deck) upside down for the first time EVER!

But for real now. There’s bad weather coming, and I wanted the pups to get a chance at some fresh air before we all coop up inside and ride it all out. Ten minutes on the deck makes for tired puppies, and I expect them to take a 3+ hours nap now.

Enjoy the pictures and the video. We might lose power over the weekend since we live in the middle of the forest. And when you live in the forest trees fall – like, on top of the power lines 😉



Please note: sorry for the focus. They are too close and too fast, so I always have to manually focus in and out 🙂


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