Some final information

As the time for pick up and shipping approaches, I know that you all may have come up with some last questions. I have collected the most frequently asked questions in hopes that this will help you in your final preparations for your new family member.
Are the puppies AKC registered?
Yes, all of our litters have been and will be registered with the AKC. The registrations have been submitted on Saturday the 10th of March, and the ownership transfers have all been completed. The AKC will send you the paperwork of your puppy directly to the address you have provided!

Will there be a contract?
Yes. This is especially important since this contract contains your health guarantee. I was planning to send the contracts out this Thursday, and usually have them signed electronically. If you are planning to pick up your puppy, then we will sign the contract upon pick up.

Do I need to bring a collar and leash?
We provide a puppy collar and leash upon arrival or pick up. This collar should get you through the first couple of weeks or even months.

How can I pick up my shipped puppy?
You should have received an email from Delta Cargo with your puppies airway bill, which contains the date of your puppies flight(s), departure time, arrival time and potential stops. Most airports recommend to pick up your life animal shipment 2 hours after flight arrival. However, many times puppies have been ready for pick up in as little as 30 minutes after pick up. Most puppies can be picked up at the airports cargo station, while some may have to be picked up at the airline directly, especially after hours. PLEASE call your destination airport beforehand and ask them where and how life animal shipment can be picked up. You will need to bring the following item with you:

* proof of identity of the consignee (see airway bill)
This ID needs to contain the living address matching the airway bill

What do you feed your puppies?
We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus for large puppies which can be bought at TSC or Petsmart. We also feed them a mix of greek yoghurt, egg yolks, canine red cell and molasses once a day.

Will my puppy be immune after his shots?
It is important to know that some vaccinations need to be given more than once in order to achieve immunity, such as parvo virus. It is advisable that you keep your puppy away from locations that are highly frequented by dogs, since dog related viruses spread easily from there.

What do I need to prepare for my puppies arrival?

A bed or crate, food and water bowl along with puppy kibble. You may also purchase him a small puppy toy. The first couple of weeks with a new puppy can be exhausting, and just like with young children I strongly recommend having wine at home too… lots of wine (for you, not the puppy).

When can I pick up my puppy?
The puppies will be officially allowed to go on Friday the 16th of March. However, we will be at the airport all Saturday morning, but back in the afternoon.

What can I expect for the first couple of days with my new puppy?
A lot of crying! Please be patient with your new family member, and understand that he or she has so far never slept alone. Personally, I prefer to keep my puppies in a crate right next to my bed at night for about a week. It will comfort the puppy, and I will wake up once the puppy wakes me to go potty. It is absolutely possible that your puppy will wake you several times at night to go potty. The bad news is that puppies are not much different from newborn babies, just a little bit worse because they can’t wear a diaper. The good news is that they reach maturity much quicker than human babies, and you won’t have to save up for a college fund for your puppy or take on a second mortgage.

When will they see the vet?
Their vet appointment is on Friday the 16th at 8:30 am. They will receive a thorough health exam, age appropriate vaccinations, deworming and an AKC microchip.

Please note that it is normal for a puppy to have traces of worms in his or her poop for a few days after the deworming. That is what the deworming is for, after all. It is also normal for the puppy to be a bit sleepy due to the vaccinations, but I bet you won’t be that lucky!

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