New pictures and a new way of living!


I just uploaded new single shots and my husband and I hope that you like them! We have about 2 weeks left until the puppies will leave for their new families, and I know how excited you all are! The puppies have now moved to the lower level of our home where they can enjoy a puppy run all to themselves. We use equine pine pellets as bedding, which allows us to keep their run as hygienic as possible. While mom still stops by once a day to nurse them, the puppies have now moved on to mostly kibble. Yesterday they received their first toy: a blue squeegee horse. We continue to take them outside once or twice a day except for those two days of storm. I was seriously concerned that this 50 mph wind will just blow those little boogers away, or that a tree will fall on all of us. In the afternoon we rotate the puppies and they are allowed to play with my kiddos a little bit. In the evenings, after the crazy kiddos are in bed, we rotate them again and have quiet snuggle time on the couch while my husband and I watch TV.

This week I will post some FAQ’s and address some of those final questions I know you all have!

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