Have you settled for a name?


although our puppies are only 5 weeks old, their time to leave us and unite with you is approaching quickly! This coming Saturday I was planning to get their AKC paperwork started, which means that you will have to settle by then for an official AKC name for your puppy!

Here are the requirements for you puppy’s name:

* our kennel name will appear first as “Netherfield’s”
* the name of your puppy needs to contain a word starting with an “H” in honor
of the H-litter
* it has to be within 50 characters
* it can not discriminate or be vulgar
* it can but does not have to contain your dogs call name

Some families have already settled for names and you can see them on our “current litters” page. Perhaps it will spark your imagination. Here are a few more examples:

Netherfield’s Merlin Has a Revival (for Merlin)
Netherfield’s Humble Duchess (for Duchess)
Netherfield’s Pogo Stick

We hope that you enjoy the pictures and videos that we try to post on a regular basis!

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