An ugly surprise!

A few days ago I woke up to a terrible smell that filled our entire home: puppy poop. A lot of puppy poop! Not only did the puppies prove to have an excellent digestive system, no, they also proved that they can be rather creative as to where poop should go. In the potty area of course. And on the walls of the whelping box. And in the face. And on legs. And all over your siblings… It was not even 8 yet and I had to throw all of them in the bath tub, where they had to remain until I had cleaned the whelping box. Although they were scared at first, they quickly enjoyed the warm water and started to lick the water. After the bath, which was a very exhausting experience for them of course, they snuggled up in their clean whelping box and took a good 3 hour nap.

P.S.: Did you notice that some puppies are no longer wearing their ID tags? That is because most of them have outgrown them by now, and their chunky necks literally make them pop off. Luckily, I can identify them all accurately by now.



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