H-litter – day 2

The puppies are now 24 hours old, and together with mom they have established quite the routine already! Ada is a very protective mother and would only leave the whelping box once a day to go potty… and even then it takes us some convincing. Being so protective is great for the puppies: they always have access to the milk bar, momma is always there to keep them warm and things stay comfortable because she would barely ever change her position. But being so protective can be tough on mom, because she will not leave her puppies to eat or drink, and lose a lot more calories than she takes in.

Being our 3rd litter with Ada, we were prepared and she is currently already being supplemented with a high-calorie liquid and vitamin drops. We are her humble servants and bring her food and water to the whelping box, and it is all well deserved!

Momma Ada and her puppies are doing great so far, and the first night went smooth and without too much noise. Still, I check on the puppies 4 times a night… and I am tired!

The puppies gained between 8 and 13 grams of weight so far, and they are all healthy, happy and quite content.  A little earlier today we sent Ada outside to potty, which gave me the opportunity to replace their liner and take this short video afterwards.

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