What a night! The H-litter is here!


Last night was a first timer for many things. If we have been in email contact over the last few days, I am sure that I told you that our puppies are usually born in the late afternoon or evening, that we usually have an equal amount of boys and girls, and that we usually have a few blue puppies among them. Well, I am happy to announce that last night, starting at around 3:20 am, 10 healthy and strong puppies have been born!

Of those 10 puppies, we have 7! girls and only 3 boys. Of those 10 puppies, only 4 are NOT blue. They range in weight from 83 grams to 123 grams, and every single birth was uncomplicated and surprisingly easy. Ada just went outside to potty, so I assume that the number will remain at 10. Mommy is doing very well, and the puppies are now nursing, sleeping and recovering. I took this very short clip of the puppies while momma was outside to pee.

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