The things that needed to change.

6 years ago we established our breeding program. Back then, we would never have thought that it would be as successful as it is today. We have met great families along the way, and we are still in contact with many of them! Some of you came to visit us, and some of you even visited us many many times. We exchanged trust, hugs, stories and recommendations. But even with all those great experiences, we decided to reflect on all those litters we were allowed to raise, and we tried to see where we have to and where we could improve.

1. The biggest change is perhaps that we have now finally settled on a kennel name, and from January 2018 and on we will use it in the naming of our puppies, in order to indicate where each dog originated from.

2. We have decided to sell our puppies with individual registrations, as opposed to the general litter registration. Some of you contacted me long after your puppies have joined you, because you have lost the AKC paperwork during a move or the dog ate it. Since I have then already officially given up ownership of the puppy, it was impossible for me to provide you with a replacement. In addition to that, many times the AKC paperwork was not received yet by the time the puppies left me, and I had to run to the post office to send those after you. It was a great inconvenience. In the future, the AKC will send the registration papers straight to the new owners. And even if said paper would be lost by you (or the dog eats it), you will still be the official owner and can get a replacement from the AKC, once you provided them with proof of identity and therefore ownership.

3. Since our puppies now sell with individual registration, new owners will also receive a certified 3-generation pedigree. They will look great on your wall once framed! You will also receive a 1 year subscription to the AKC magazine, a dog training DVD and a free trial to the AKC health insurance for your puppy.

4. In order to make important information easily accessible, we have decided to finally create a website. I am very happy that I was able to transfer the entire content of 6! years old blog into the new one, so none of those great memories will be lost.

5. We have adjusted our prices to reflect the individual registration for the puppies.

6. We now have a new whelping box that has a growing pen extension. This will allows us to integrate puppies even more into our every-day family life!

7. In the past I avoided puppy velcro collars since most of them caused minor cuts to the shoulder area of puppies, caused by the rigid edges of the collars. I have now found a company that promised me it won’t happen, and we will give said collar a test run with our January 2018 litter. While this makes no difference to the buyer, it will make it MUCH quicker for me to identify puppies when it is time to take individual pictures.

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