A little update

Hey guys!

A little over a week ago the puppies have permanently moved to their puppy run. This allows them to leave their bed when they need to pee, and also gives them plenty of room to play and run around as they grow up. Last year we started to use equestrian horse bedding in form of pelletized pine dust. It is highly absorbent and we find it to be the most hygienic way to keep them. The puppies have also been introduced to their first solid food about a week ago, as mommy has slowly started to wean them. They currently receive Purina Pro Plan Focus for large puppies, and once a day we enrich it with a vitamin supplement, egg yolk, greek yoghurt and molasses. Super yummy!

We continue to take the dogs outside daily to give them room to run around, stretch their legs and explore their surroundings. Although they are still shy and intimidated, they will soon roam almost all of our 5 acres! Some of them even met our chickens and the horse: they like the chicken, but they all are scared of the horse 😉

If you puppy is scheduled to ship out via Delta Cargo, please don’t forget that the rest of the purchase price for the puppy is due once they are 6 weeks old, which is tomorrow, along with the shipping fee. Feel free to contact me if you would like to switch payment method, or if you have questions. Next week I will start lining up their flights as well as their vet appointment. Although all of you are desperately waiting to hold your new bundle of joy in your arms, let me tell you that the next 2 weeks will be flying by! 

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