The parents

If you wondered about the parents of our current litter, please read below:

Moneypenny is a fawn brindle with black mask. Her friendly and affectionate personality make her a pleasure to be around. She is very fond of children and regularly serves as the nighttime snuggle buddy of my older son. Moneypenny has a very well balanced personality, an absolutely sound mind and the loyalty that is to be expected of a Whippet. Her mindset show in her offspring, of which many have grown up to be excellent family dogs, as well as mental support or community service dogs. Moneypenny comes from a long line of successfully shown  ancestors of American and British blood. She conforms to they FCI international as well as the AKC American standard, is double registered, and passed her health checks prior to breeding with flying colors.

Domino vom Tempelgarten:
Domino was imported from Europe in 2011 and is a red brindle with white markings. Domino is the vibrant picture of the original Whippet which can rarely be found outside of Europe, giving our litters a distinct look of greater elegance, finer bones and softer coats. As one of the few triple registered sires in the US, Domino conforms to the FCI international as well as the AKC American breed standards. His devotion, loyalty to our family and obedience are unquestioned, and his sound mind and gentle personality certainly make him stand out. Domino, too, comes from a long line of champions, and his agility and speed have made previous offspring successful in agility competitions.

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