We are (im)patiently waiting for puppies to arrive.

Slowly but steadily we are approaching summer, and our current weather here in Virginia is perfect for the litter we are currently expecting. We all know that the arrival is close, and every night we get up to see if labor has started… just to realize that lots of patience is required when waiting for something so joyful. While we wait, lets take a look back at previous litters.

Although we have a $450 commercial whelping box, Moneypenny prefers
cardboard boxes and Ada prefers giving birth in a small tent… If you don’t
give them what they prefer they hold those puppies in and/or stall labor.

Moneypenny. Famous for large litters that easily double the average litter size
of a Whippet. She is easy to breed, an incredibly attentive mother and passes
down her good genetics and level headed personality.

“The birthing tent”. Although our two sons were upset that they had to permanently
give up their tent, at least it is easy to clean once whelping has finished…

Ada, our blue fawn beauty who is famous for blessing us with a good amount
of blue puppies. She too is a very attentive mother, but she is also very protective
and may not allow our other dogs to even step in the room.

Taking the puppies away for taking pictures is not always well received
by their mothers, unless they can be with them in the picture.

While we have many title holders in our pedigrees, we concentrate on
producing healthy, athletic and well-minded family dogs.

They look cute, adorable and absolutely innocent. And they are…. for about 3 weeks.
Then the mayhem starts…

Stealing things from the couch table…

Attacking my children…

Getting into the grown ups food…

Looking for the perfect spot to pee… preferably on the carpet.

Unrolling the paper towel while I try to clean up that pee….

Getting themselves dirty…. all… the …. time…

Ending in the bathtub…..

Breaking out of their puppy run….

Not holding still for pictures….

Eating my sons baby cookie….

… and the constant begging!

Raising puppies for 8 weeks is a tough job that requires a lot of attention, a lot of cleaning, a lot of teaching and then a little bit more cleaning. But when we look at all those pictures that we have taken during the course of the last 5 years, we think it is worth it.

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