New single shots

After the bath we took the puppies outside to play in the yard to dry. Once they were tired and got settled, we placed each one of them in a wheelbarrow filled with hay to take new single shots. I will also upload many short videos of some of the puppies, so stay tuned.

Gus (male)
Calm, quiet and very loving. Appreciates
every single piece of human attention he
gets immediately and repays you with 
love and affection.

Maggie (SOLD)

Chloe (SOLD)

Duke (male)
If I could then I would keep Duke! Not only is he
absolutely stunning, but he has also a very loving,
balanced and “in your pocket” personality.

Olivia (SOLD)

Zoe (female)
Zoe is such a calm, respectful and well-balanced
character, that she often fails to stand out among the
more demanding puppies. She will make great addition
to a family with children (which she adores!), and a comfy

Jack (male)
Jack is a loving and curious dog who loves to be
carried around in cradle hold. He loves to go on
adventures between the shrubs and knows how to pose
for the camera!

Shadow (SOLD)

Shadow and Jack

Rosie (female)
Rosie is a very special girl with a true puppy
personality. She wants to be babied, and how could
you not after a look at this adorable little face?
Rosie loves the human touch and beg for it whenever
she can!

Cowboy (SOLD)

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