Little Harry

We have now started to rotate the puppies in the morning. This means that every puppy gets to spend 10 – 20 minutes with us in the mornings and evenings. With an average time of 15 minutes and a total of 11 puppies, you can easily do your math and figure that this is very time consuming. However, we believe that giving each puppy regular individual attention is crucial to the making of a sound mind. We are very consistent in the way we raise our puppies and have continued for years to raise them with plenty of interaction with the two and four legged members of our family.

Here you can see Little Harry, who is the favorite puppy of my children. Harry is the smallest puppy of the litter and such a kind and very very gentle soul, as you can see in this video. He has a healthy curiosity without getting himself overly excited or nervous.

Please be prepared for sneezers and toddler screaming in the videos 🙂

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