4 weeks old

The puppies are 4 weeks old and it was about time to add new single shots. While some puppies enjoyed the camera, some did not. Some puppies are nervous while some are just too playful to take decent pictures. I was planning to take individual videos tomorrow so stay tuned. P.S.: the pictures of Olivia have disappeared from the camera so there are none of her, unfortunately. I think I may have to make up for this with a puppy skype session.

Rosie (girl)
Call her princess Rosie! Rosie is a small but feisty girl that
can not be convinced to do something, but you will have to bow
in front of her and hope for her good favor! She is a sweet and
energy loaded bouncy ball that loves to give wet puppy kisses.

Duke (boy)
Duke is stunningly handsome and a gentle soul. He likes
the touch of the human hand and would push against it to demand more.

Emma (SOLD)
Emma’s blue brindle is finally showing through nicely.
Emma is a big girl with a kind and gentle soul. She will only
move if it is absolutely required, but be the first one to notice when
I show up at the puppy run.

Zoe (girl)
Zoe is an average sized girl with a very well balanced
personality. She is active but not bouncy, laid back but not lazy.
Zoe enjoys having her ears rubbed!

(little) Harry (boy)
Little Harry is a small and very gentle boy with a huge tongue!
He loves to go on expeditions in the yard, and always manages
to sleep on top of the Whippet pile although he is the smallest. Smart!

Cowboy (SOLD)
Cowboy seems to have a very well balanced character
and laid back demeanor. He is incredibly pretty and very
playful with his litter mates and my children.

Maggie (SOLD)
Maggie loves to discover every single corner of the puppy run
and our home when she is allowed to roam freely. She is gentle
and very forgiving.

Chloe (SOLD)
Chloe is a very playful puppy, regardless of the size or species
she is currently playing with. Her favorite partner in crime is Rosie,
and together they bounce around the puppy run.

Gus (boy)
Gus is a big bear with a gentle and loving soul! He spends a lot
of time snuggling with Emma, and even allows the smaller puppies
to continuously pull on his ear.

Jack (boy)
Jack will one day make a great running partner to someone!
He pays a lot of attention to his surroundings and is ready for
action in less than a second. Obviously he doesn’t like the camera,
so I had to hold him still on my arms.

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