Our well kept secret!

Almost two weeks ago, on July 28th, Moneypenny blessed us with 11 healthy and strong puppies. We have 5 stunning boys and 6 beautiful girls, quite a few of them in varieties of fawn and black brindle! We have kept this litter a secret for this long because the original litter size was 14, and we have lost 3 to what was an unknown cause when it happened. We needed to run some tests on the fading as well as the healthy puppies in order to figure out the cause, and to ensure the health and quality of those who remain. I want to thank Dogwood Emergency Veterinarian Clinic in Richmond VA for the outstanding care they have provided during thunder, lightning and pouring rain… in the parking lot out of back of my SUV. They were concerned about exposing those day old puppies to the germs and bacterias of their office, and sent a whole medical emergency team and equipment to ensure the safety and health of our precious puppies. The results confirmed that those puppies who faded have not received enough blood and nutrition in utero due to the large litter size (the average for a Whippet is 6), which resulted in a premature metabolism. For short, the puppies have been unable to receive as much sugar as they needed, which resulted in congenital issues and uneven breathing patterns. Although we have been incredibly sad and almost depressed to lose those puppies, we are relieved that those 11 that remain have not been affected by this. All breeders with a decent amount of whelpings under their belt are used to the fact that some puppies won’t make it, are born immature, weak, or that a virus will invade the whole litter. We have mostly been spared from those experiences since our mortality rate of puppies is incredibly low, which as a result left us completely unprepared as to how we could accept the death of 3 puppies within a matter of days.

Anyway, to cheer this post up a little you can find the puppies below. I am planning to list them online tomorrow (if my children let me…). 

Duke (male)
he started to open his eyes
Chloe (SOLD)
Olivia (SOLD)
Jack (male)
also has his eyes open and a white dot on his nose!
Harry (male)
the smallest boy of the litter
Emma (SOLD)
blue and as big as a tank
Maggie (HOLD)
Rosie (female)
the tiniest girl with a very extraordinary color
Cowboy (SOLD)
the reason for my son’s (4) confusion as to why our
dog is suddenly giving birth to Holstein cows…
Zoe (female)
Gus (male)
we will have to try that again! He did NOT want
to be in the picture today

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