Off to the vet!

Good morning families!

My apologies for the lack of pictures. I do have them! I just can’t find the time to upload them…
Anyway, I wanted to give a quick shout out and inform you that we are having our vet appointment today at 11 am. I expect all of them to get a clean bill of health, but if there is anything out of the norm, then I will send you an email about that. The puppies will receive their first round of shots today along with deworming and a microchip. 

Helga after her face took a bath in the water bowl

A leftover food can!

Gyda and Kalf

Kalf and Torstein fighting
(… boys….)

Torstein exhausted after the fight

Helga in the back

(she too fights a lot with Kalf, she
is a badass!)

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