almost 6 weeks old

I apologize for the delay of this post, as I know that you all have been desperately waiting for it. Before I can let you enjoy the single shots, let me tell you what has made these past couple of weeks so stressful. 

As some of you may know, we are about to move to Virginia and had our house for sale while looking for a new home in VA. We have found a buyer for our house here in NC… which was stressful. Contracts, agreements, disclosures, negotiations etc… We had a house lined up in VA, but someone else came around and made a better (cash) offer. We drove back up to Virginia in order to find another home… didn’t find one. Then my wallet was stolen and I have not one single piece of ID on me now. Three days ago we decided to purchase land and build, because we had found a very pretty lot. Said lot has been on the market for almost a year and two days ago we contacted a builder about getting designs together. Yesterday said lot suddenly sold. Sad right? On top of that my husband had an extensive surgery on his tooth yesterday and was drugged up for pretty much the whole day and needed lots of love and attention. So I do apologize if communication wasn’t as good as it usually is! Anyway, below the single shots 😉

P.S.: a friendly reminder that the rest of the money will be due on Monday when the puppies are 6 weeks old.

-I love humans, they smell good-
blue brindle with white markings

Helga SOLD

-I’m a poor little sheep-

-I will bite you in your toe-

-I can climb EVERYTHING-
blue fawn with blue brindle

Torstein SOLD
-I am a big baby and want to be carried-

Torvi SOLD
-I love to sleep on the couch-

Bjorn SOLD
-I am a big 5 lbs cry-baby-

Lagertha SOLD
-I am the fastest of them all-

Aslaug SOLD

-I constantly bite my siblings ears-

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