Enjoying the weather

We had a couple of really nice days here, but the forecast says that we can expect rain for the next three days. For that reason we tried to have the puppies outside as much as possible these past two days. Since we went on a weekend trip to Williamsburg VA I wasn’t able to take new individual shots. I will try to do that as soon as I can. Until then please enjoy these snapshots!

Nicholas holding Floki

Svein in the front, Bjorn in the back and Kalf
left in the back. The crasher is Torvi.

Kalf trying hard to climb up the deck!

Gyda to the right, Bjorn to the left


Helga trying to escape the kennel
(although the gate was open…)




Left to right:

Helga, Torvi, Floki, Scein, Bjorn

left Gyda, right Bjorn

Kalf and Svein




Domino barking at the camera


I think that was Lagertha

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