A sunny afternoon in the backyard

We spent a good hour in the backyard today, accompanied by our adorable puppies. It was a precious hour for the little ones, because all three adult Whippet’s have been with them. That means that there was plenty of playing and also plenty of social learning. Mommy is there for nursing, aunt Ada is there for silly playing and Daddy Domino is there to show them a thing or two about hierarchy!

Noah has been pushed around in the trailer today

And it was eventually Donatella’s turn. She didn’t like it.

Nicholas liked it though!

All dark brindles in one picture đŸ™‚

Yes, he fell out just 2 seconds later.

Harper sniffing around.

Chopin feel into a hole right after I took the picture.

That’s Ice Age Candy there, getting her a** whooped

Victoria enjoyed our ornamental grass plant today!


Forest trying to get up after he got his a** whooped!

Ice Age Candy getting love

Forest giving love!

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