Do you have questions?

I know you are all getting ready for the big day, so I wanted to share these FAQ’s with you. This should answer some of the questions you might have right now.

What and how are the puppies currently being fed?
We currently feed Purina ProPlan puppy kibble along with fresh raw meat. Once a week the puppies receive greek yoghurt mixed with honey and egg. Once a month we also add food grade fossil shell flour (diatomaceous earth) to their food, to prevent internal parasites and for a calcium boost. Changing your dog’s diet should occur over a period of time to prevent your dog from developing gastrointestinal upset and vomiting.
The puppies have access to kibble 24/7. We usually offer our dogs access to food at all times until the age of 8 months, and then start feeding them 3 times a day at first. Around 11 months of age we change to 2 meals a day.

How do I go about potty training my puppy?
From six weeks of age and on our puppies usually got the idea of where to eliminate, and that it is sometimes necessary to hold it. For example, we currently have a 1.5 hours rest period during noon in which the puppies only have a nest, but no potty or play area. After the rest period we would take them outside to eliminate. We didn’t have an accident during the rest period in over a week. I personally like to crate a puppy in order to help with the potty training.
 If the crate is set up as the resting space, the puppy will wait until he leaves the crate to eliminate. Here are some rules:

  • take the puppy outside to eliminate every 30 – 60 minutes. 
  • take the puppy outside immediately after he finished a meal or drank water
  • always take your puppy to the same potty spot, so he understands what you expect him to do
  • do not play with the puppy during potty breaks, as it will distract him
  • praise your puppy once he eliminated
A lot of people say that a dog with 8 or 10 weeks should be potty trained. That is non sense! Most puppies do not have proper control of their bladder or bowels until the age of 12 weeks. While they are old enough to start understanding the concept of potty training, their bodies are not yet capable of holding it for very long. Potty training usually takes 4 – 6 months. 

How do I crate train my puppy?
Luckily, we start crate training our puppies from 4 weeks and on by giving them a big kennel as their nest during the day. This helps tremendously with getting them used to the kennel itself, and they actually enjoy sleeping in such a protected environment. Once they turn 7 weeks old, we start putting 2 puppies in one kennel at night (if number of dogs in litter is even…). We also give each puppy a few minutes of individual time in the kennel each day until they are 8 weeks old. Once your puppy arrives at your home, he or she will recognize a kennel and accept it as a retreat. Important: no food or water should be inside the dogs kennel. It interferes with potty training.

What should I prepare for my puppy?
Food (preferably Purina ProPlan), kennel with bedding, small bones, a toy and paper towel 😉 Your puppy will comes with a puppy collar and matching leash, so you won’t have to be concerned about that until your puppy is a little older. Preferably, you try to make as much time for your puppy as possible. Your puppy spent the last 8 weeks with his mother, siblings, other dogs and our family. He or she really needs you know, in order to replace all of what he had to leave behind.

Also, please puppy proof your home! One of the most important things is to prevent the puppy from chewing on electric cables!

What should I bring when I pick up my puppy at your home/the airport?

Two or three soft towels so you can wrap your puppy up and make him feel secure. Wipes to clean up accidents, and a soft voice so you can whisper in his ear that everything is going to be fine. 
IMPORTANT: Please protect your puppy from canine parvovirus and do not stop for potty breaks unless absolutely necessary. If you have to stop, take the puppy to an area that is not frequently used by other dogs or has a lot of foot traffic. 

What shots will the puppy have?
Combination vaccine (DHPP) to protect from: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus infection. The puppy will also be dewormed and microchipped.

Do you give your puppies the shots/microchip?
No, we leave all this as well as the deworming to our veterinarian

Will the puppies be health tested?
Yes, each puppy has to undergo a health screening, no matter if the puppy gets shipped or picked up. The vet will take a look at the overall appearance of the dog, and pay special attention to their heart, eyes and ears (deafness). You will receive a document with any sort of issue the vet might have noticed.

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