2 weeks old

Our puppies are a little over two weeks old now. They have almost tripled their birth weight and grown into strong buddha bellies (especially Noah). As you can see in the pictures, the puppies have started to open their eyes. Some of them are already completely opened, some of them will still need a day or two. While their vision is still very very poor, they will now crawl toward me when they see me coming. Their ears are slowly opening and they react to noises.

the sleeping bunch 

Lilly (sold)
Lilly was the first one to open her eyes.

Chopin (sold)
… has milk on his mouth 🙂

Donatella (sold)
still needs a day until eyes are open

Ice Age Candy (hold)
will need about 2 days for eyes to open

our buddha belly!

Forest (sold)
was looking for milk

thought she was still nursing

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