First Puppy Inventory

Today I had the chance to make our puppy inventory, and see what we actually got! The whole whelping process took about 11 hours and while I keep track of every single puppy that is born, one gets confused easily the more you have in front of you. Especially when some share the same color and markings.

We have exactly 4 boys and 4 girls! Below you can find their pictures and gender. We also name our puppies since they are a part of our family now, until they will go to their new forever families, where they will receive their permanent names.

Victoria, girl

Noah, boy

Lilly, girl

Ice Age Candy, girl
my son chose this name. He says the white color
comes from ice age, and the dark one from too much candy.

Forest, boy

Chopin, boy (hold)

Amadeus, boy (no longer available)

Donatella, girl

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