Litter Announcement!

I know that some of you have been waiting for an announcement like this, so here it is!

“Domino vom Tempelgarten” x “Moneypenny”

are expecting a litter for October 12th 2015!

Experience tells me that the litter will be born this weekend, as Moneypenny is getting increasingly nervous and refuses to sleep anywhere but right next to my bed. We are prepared for this litter to arrive, and everything is set up to welcome a bunch of beautiful and healthy Whippet puppies into this world!

If you are not yet familiar with our popular breeding pair, here is some information to them. Within the next days I will post more information about the reservation and purchase of puppies, details about how we raise them and I will certainly also provide you with pictures of the nursery once they arrived.

Moneypenny is fawn with black brindle and black mask. Penny, as we call her, has a very feminine appearance and always behaves like a lady. She is very smart and was very easy to potty-train when she was young. Although Penny isn’t blue, she comes from a long line of blue Whippets and carries the  gene for this popular but rare color. Moneypenny comforms the international (FCI) as well as US (AKC) breed requirements. Penny showed us in 2013 what a great mother she is! She took excellent care of her litter. Penny is a great family dog and excellent with kids of all ages. She is sensitive, obedient and incredibly affectionate.

Domino was imported from Europe in 2011 and is a red brindle with white. His markings are beautiful and his coat is incredibly soft. Domino conforms the international (FCI) as well as the American (AKC) standard. He is a very devoted and obedient dog, and a great dad since he usually takes care of the puppies while Moneypenny gets a break. Domino is very athletic and brings a nice European touch into our litters, since his frame better represents the original Whippet with it’s more petit and elegant appearance. Domino is a blue gene carrier.

Both dogs passed their health check with flying colors, got vaccinated and are ready for the mating. Both dogs are AKC (US) as well as FCI (Europe) registered.

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