Cleaning the puppy enclosure…

… is sometimes necessary. I had to take it apart today and take it to the backyard so it can get a good scrub down and be bleached to avoid viral infections among our puppies. It has always been important to us to keep the puppies and their environment as clean as possible, because things like canine parvo virus are raging in the south. Our own dogs are not allowed outside of our property during the whole time we have puppies to raise, so they won’t bring anything back home that could harm our puppies.

While the puppy enclosure stayed outside to dry, I let the puppies run around in our sun room, using the crate and our Christmas tree box to keep them from running around in the whole house. Having 8 puppies at the same time running around in your house, with only one adult to supervise them, would quickly turn into chaos of apocalyptical proportions. 
The puppies had fun, especially because they could be either in the sunroom or on the patio or in the backyard. But now that they have been running around for a little bit over an hour now, I can see that the first ones are getting tired, and are ready to go down for a nap 🙂

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