Playtime in the morning

Another cold morning – but the dogs had a blast during the short time they have been outside. It is very cold this morning, and I think that I might give the puppies more time to exercise and run around in my living room today. Our puppies are 6 weeks old today, and 4 of them are still available to excellent homes! If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read this post for more information.

Dash found a way to climb onto the deck, which
is the gateway to our patio and sunroom.

Coby, Anne and Jacob are left behind wondering… 

Sonny and aunt Penny

Coby and Echo


a lot of puppies 🙂

Daddy getting involved

roughhousing with daddy

Jet and Katherine looking and my son and Dash,
who both made it to the patio


Echo and I believe Coby’s bum


Katherine and Jacob getting rough
(Jacob won)



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