Christmas Spirit!

For me, Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving. I am really trying to put myself into the spirit of Christmas, and I let the puppies help me with it! I am sure you can imagine that this was the hardest shoot I ever had, considering how curious and fast those little Whippets are. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours, let’s celebrate with puppy Christmas pictures!

Echo (available) inquire about me!
He loved to have Christmas pictures taken!
Isn’t he the prettiest reindeer you have ever seen?

Dash (available) inquire about me!
He didn’t want to be Santa, but he didn’t mind
being one of Santa’s little helper.

Jet (sold)
… didn’t fit in one of the costumes, and I think the
pictures explain why πŸ™‚ Even the headband sat so
tight on him, he looked like a Japanese Whippet.

Anne (sold)
A size 0 model. She loved her pretty winter dress!

Coby (sold)

Loved the Christmas cookies, and enjoyed his little
Santa costume.

Katherine (sold)

Couldn’t stand still for a moment… unfortunately πŸ™‚
She was too excited about the cookies!

Jacob (available) inquire about me!
Didn’t like the bell on his helper costume, so we
changed him in a warm sweater! Look at that face!

Sonny (available) inquire about me!
Surprisingly still fit in one of the outfits πŸ™‚
Show us your pretty face boy!

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