A little update! (payment due, potty training etc)

Our puppies are almost 6 weeks old, and I just wanted to give everyone a general update.
For those dogs who have already found great homes, please don’t forget that the rest of the payment is due once they are 6 weeks old, which will be this Friday.

The puppies are all growing rapidly, and they all use their potty areas and litter boxes like champs! Especially Dash goes number 2  o n l y  in one of the litter boxes. Good job little guy! Due to the warm temperatures I was able to give our little ones daily access to our backyard, and they enjoy running around and playing with mommy and daddy (and aunt Penny) so much. I hope we will have a few more warm days, because the light, air and exercise is the best they can get for their development. We spend the evenings together in our living area, always 2 – 4 puppies at a time. They all sleep through the night without a fuss.


From Friday and on we will start with the crate training, and I will let you all know how it goes. I planned something  r e a l l y  special for this weekend, so please wish me luck that the puppies will cooperate. My plan is to take Christmas pictures of our babies, which I am sure will be a difficult task, considering how fast Whippets are… even at 6 weeks of age 🙂 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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