First solid food

Today the puppies received their first solid food and they loved it! This is the first step in our weaning process, however, the puppies will continue to nurse for another 2 weeks. We will gradually increase the amount of kibble we offer, and decrease the nursing sessions. This way we can guarantee an easy and healthy transition for both, mom and puppies.

You can also see the set up we now have for our puppies. They sleep in their big flight kennel, which they love since it is just like a protecting cave to them. They have three potty areas: one right outside the kennel, one in the middle of the run and one at the other end. Especially the one right at the kennel gets used frequently because the puppies have to walk through it right after they got up from a nap. We only had a few pee accidents inside the run since they started using the litter box. It is a great start toward housebreaking, which will make it much easier on their new families!
The puppies still get to enjoy our backyard about 3 times a day for 20 – 30 minutes. We are supposed to get rain soon, and I hope it won’t be too bad. Whippets hate rain! In that case we will use our big puppy playground in our garage, where they can run and play several times a day.

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