It is time to use the bathroom elsewhere!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for the puppies! They are almost 4 weeks old now, and it is time for them to leave their nest to go potty in a designated potty area. Ada can no longer keep up with the cleaning of the nest, so from now and on it will be my responsibility… yay!
The puppies will still spend most of the time in their crate where they sleep, snuggle, nap and play every once in a while, but half of the crate area and 50% of the run area is intended to be used as potty. Getting them used to a potty area will help tremendously with the housebreaking once they go to their new homes, as puppies generally don’t want to soil their nest.
This is the first transitional set up which will only last for a week or so, because then we will also give them an additional area for food, water and play. Until then the puppies will be given the time to learn the basics of potty training and house breaking, which will help us to raise our puppies in a clean environment.

Starting today, the puppies will also get limited time to roam in our puppy room (which is our sunroom) and discover the world outside their area. This is a very important part of socialization and over time we will increase the stimuli, change rotations and give each puppy some individual time with us.

I was also planning to add new snapshots tonight, along with a video of every single puppy! I bet you can’t wait to watch them!

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