The puppies are here!

Last night our Ada woke me up at 3am for a final potty break before she started to excessively dig up her whelping nest. It took her quite some time of strenuous labor until the first puppy was born. About 9 hours later she had completed the whelping of 8 absolutely gorgeous and healthy puppies. I can not tell yet how many males and females we have, because I usually don’t get involved in the birthing process unless it is necessary. I also give the young family time to settle and collect themselves, before I start my big inventory. As soon as I have found an appropriate moment to do so, I will let you know what exactly we have. Attached you can see a few of the pictures I took throughout the night. Since the pictures actually show all the bodily fluids that are involved in the whelping process, they might not be for the faint of heart. Just skip this part if you would like to continue to think that puppies are born cute 🙂

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