… comfy Sunday II…

Levvy and Jane

Ada kept ALL puppies busy today

Levvy and Ada

Jane and mommy

Nicholas choking Jane?

What a pretty face Ms. Jane!

Finally a beautiful shot of Jane.

Presley loves to play under and on top of the coffee table

She also likes to chew on my son…

… which he doesn’t mind at all 😉

Presley and Hemingway

Handsome boy!

Penelope checking out the kennel

Nice shot of this pretty girl. I like all the colors
around her… makes her stand out!


Beautiful face shot of Ginger



Beautiful marble face!

Twain enjoys snuggles with his human mommy

Bex loves the big dog bed!

Leo (that head in Ada’s mouth belongs to Oliver)

Ada teaching who’s boss!

Bex fell to sleep on my lap shortly after

Rotating 10 puppies can sometimes take until the
evening hours.

Oliver stole a flip flop

Leo and Oliver

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