New videos

The weather isn’t cooperating at all today. It is a dark and rainy day here in Fayetteville NC. I am not sure if I will be able to get some nice pictures of the puppies done today, but I will try to if the weather clears up. To make up for it, I made some videos of the puppies during the backyard time in the morning. Penelope and Bex were still tired and didn’t want to participate. Penelope is still sleeping in the bouncy seat, and Bex wouldn’t leave the puppy pillow. 

In this video: Levvy, Jane and Hemingway

In this video: Hemingway
In this video: Oliver (the pups love the slide!)
In this video: Ginger showing excellent movement
(and pooping technique)
In this video: Levvy playing with Ada
In this video: Twain

In this video: Leo

In this video: Oliver

In this video: Ginger, Oliver and Jane

In this video: Presley, Jane, Ginger, Oliver
and my slippers

In this video: Penelope, Bex and Hemingway

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