The AKC paperwork has arrived!

The AKC paperwork has arrived! To my surprise, they have finally changed the European bloodline (Domino) entries from registration numbers to names. Domino’s pedigree had to be imported into the AKC files, and it was obviously done on a Friday, 5 minutes before close of business. This is what it looked like last year:

3rd generation in numbers
(yup, that’s me in the reflection)

3rd generation names and even a few of the many titles

original pedigree
red underlined are the most prestigious European titles

Who knows, maybe next year they will finally have added all the titles to the pedigree 🙂 I will prepare the paperwork tonight, because we really need to get ready for the dogs departure. Less than 2 weeks and I am already sad! Now that the puppies are in their 7th week, we started something called “individual snuggle time”. I sit in the middle of the puppies and each one of them gets 5 minutes of individual snuggles, belly rubs, ear rubs, neck scratching and love overload. Since those snuggles are limited, it gives the puppies a good idea about the value of their masters love and attention. At the end of the week we will start with the crate training, as the flight kennels should arrive any day now. The flights will get scheduled tonight, and I am happy that we only have to ship 4 dogs this year. Shipping dogs is so much work, and booking flights can sometimes take  h o u r s.

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