Less than 2 weeks to go :)

Please excuse the orange noses… we have been digging up the backyard…


Leo should have been named Tigger, as
he looks like a tiger and really likes to bounce
around! A beautiful red fawn coat with an even
black brindle and a pretty black mask. From all
the puppies he is probably the most attached to
humans, and actively seeking our company. He 
is also very athletic and escaped pretty much
every boundary we have set for the pups 😉


Hemingway is a big boy with a kind soul. His 
coat is extraordinary and his facial symmetry 
sure stands out. This young man is a future


My beloved Jane with her blue fawn and 
blue brindle coat! She has one of the prettiest 
faces I have ever seen, and her gender
sure jumps right out. She is the smallest
one in the litter, and sneaks into our living room
unnoticed, just to take a zZz close to her family.


Twain is a very playful and gentle young 
man with a beautifully even brindle and 
such a nice marbled face. He enjoys to
take a zZz in the sun belly up 🙂


Ginger loves to play with her sister Bex
and often times drags her by her tail.
She is very brave and shows an excellent
frame and another pretty facial symmetry.


Oliver is a little buddha belly just like his
brother Hemingway. He is quite dominant
among his siblings, but gentle and curious
about humans. Look at that beautiful half
split mask!


Levvy could run and play all day long!
Her coat reminds me of a marble loaf
cake as her brindle is so incredibly smooth.
She is very curious and playful.


Presley is the shy one in this litter, but 
that won’t keep her from playing and dis-
covering together with her siblings. The fawn
in her coat has turned almost to a cream 
color, and she has tons of black brindle.


There is always that puppy which takes
forever to get a fully pigmented nose. This
year it is Bex 🙂 She loves to play with Ginger
and is very playful in general. She has a beautiful
wide split in her mask, which will make a very
pretty face once that nose is black!


Penelope is a sassy little girl with a kind
and joyful soul. She loves to chew on my 
shoes and toes. Her face is very pretty and
everyone can tell that this is a real girl!

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