We love being outdoors!

Leo and Presley are enjoying some nursies 🙂

Hemingway being all handsome


Bex  l o v e s  the baby’s bouncy seat

Penelope and Ginger did not want to participate
in today’s outdoor fun :/

Jane is the smallest of all puppies, and extremely
gentle and loving




Twain (right before he attacked the camera)

Oliver trying to find another milk source 

Oliver about to fall in a drainage ditch 🙂

Presley, Leo, Hemingway, Oliver and Jane
Please compare the size of Oliver’s bum and Jane’s
bum… Oliver is about twice the weight of Jane

Leo, Presley, Oliver, Jane

Twain, desperately searching for teats

Ada is explaining to the puppies that she has no milk!


Penelope with the blue ball she loves so much

Ginger.. still not participating

Presley and Penelope

Presley and Leo

Handsome Leo

what a beautiful frame 🙂

once more looking for milk 🙂

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