AKC papers and a medical emergency :/

I know you all expected to find new pictures of the puppies on our blog, but unfortunately we had some sort of a medical emergency, which had to be taken care of immediately. The puppies damaged two of Moneypenny’s teats so badly, that it resulted in deep and open wounds with constant and quite severe bleeding. The wounds had to be cleaned, closed, treated with antibiotic ointment and properly protected, which wasn’t an easy task due to the location of the teats, which is right between her hind legs. However, now that the bleeding was stopped, the tissue can recover from the damage. Moneypenny is doing great though. In fact, I am not even sure if she noticed that she was severely hurt. The puppies started eating dry food about a week ago, so there are no concerns about their nutrition. Since the weaning process wasn’t finished yet however, we have to assist both, Moneypenny and her puppies, in doing so. We therefore make sure that Moneypenny nurses her puppies 3 times a day, but with extremely limited access. This means that we deny access to the damaged teats, and bring only 3 puppies at a time to nurse. We than rotate them until each one of them got some milk and snuggles. Although most dogs of other breeders are long weaned by now, we believe in the benefit of extended nursing and slow weaning. We will continue this procedure for another week, while we slowly decrease the amount of nursing sessions. It is not so much about the nutritional value here, but a slow and controlled decrease of Moneypenny’s milk, and the slow emotional weaning of her pups. The puppies are still babies after all 🙂

So I apologize for missing pictures, delayed responses etc., but it is extremely time consuming to finish the weaning process.

I also have good news! The AKC paperwork is being processed and I expect it to be in the mail any day now. I decided to pay some extra $$, and ordered copies of the pedigree for all of you.

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