It is almost time!

Whippet fans, it is almost time for our puppies to leave for their new homes. We found great homes for all of them except Leo, but I know that he too will be found soon by his new family. If you are one of those families, please read over the next couple of lines as they contain important information.

Our puppies will be ready to leave between
August 7th and August 9th

For those of you who wish to pick up, please schedule a day and time with me for that, so I can have your puppy waiting for you along with the paperwork. We will be at the airport shipping those puppies who won’t live close by on August 8th. That Saturday is therefore not the best day for us to receive you in our home. Shipping out puppies can sometimes take the whole day, and is a very stressful task. Also, we prefer you to pick up your puppy as early in the day as possible. That way your puppy has a few hours to get used to his or her new environment before bed time. It is incredibly scary for puppies to arrive at the new home, and be expected to sleep there shortly after arrival.

Please don’t forget that the rest of the money (price for dog + shipping if applicable – deposit) is due on
July 25th

I am legally obligated to have your contract ready by then, so I will sit on my butt and work on those the next couple if days. I will need the following information provided:
  • full name
  • dogs name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
If you could send me an email with that information, I would be happy. Otherwise I will contact each one of you individually.

For those of you who will get their puppy shipped: someone who bought one of our 2013 puppies (and actually also one of our 2014 puppies!) had an incredible idea last year! They sent me a towel with the smell of their new family. I think it is an excellent idea. If you wish, you can send me a towel or a piece of fabric that smells like your and/or your family. I will put it in the flight kennel during the puppies flight, so he will easily recognize your smell as something familiar once he arrives at the airport. Important: the towel or fabric has to be small, no bigger than wash cloth size! Before you send it to me, please seal it in a ziploc bag and write your puppies name on it.

Since we are so close to the 8 weeks mark, you will find lots of important information on our blog over the next 2 weeks. Please stay tuned!

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