Outdoor session

Now that the puppies have developed into curious toddlers, it was time for our first outdoor shoot! I personally love them the most since they provide me with the best light for beautiful pictures. They loved exploring our patio it was, however, quite exhausting for them! Enjoy!

Penelope and Leo are still available. Contact me for more info!


Bex and Twain



Leo and Jane

Twain, Bex, Penelope and Hemingway

Hemingway and Leo


Kids are like a puppy magnet


Ginger, Bex, Jane, Oliver

Eliza, Hemingway, Leo

(front) Eliza and Hemingway

Hemingway, Leo and Eliza

someone lost his shoe…

Perfect group picture!
Leo, Jane, Twain, Levvy, Ginger, Penelope , Bex, Oliver, Hemingway and Eliza

Eliza, Oliver, Penelope, Levvy, Leo

Eliza, Oliver, Leo, Levvy, Jane

Hemingway and Twain


Levvy and Eliza … bff

like I said… bff



Lunch break


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