4 weeks old! Look at us!

It is Saturday!!! You all know what that means don’t you? Our puppies are 4 weeks old now, and once a day we will take them outside for a little vitamin D boost (which also gives me the opportunity to clean and bleach the puppy corner).

aka “I love to sleep on top of Eliza and my
head is twice the size of her’s”
Leo gained a lot of weight this past week and really
caught up with the other boys. He is extremely calm,
confident and has a sweet character.

ELIZA sold
aka “I am the smallest among by siblings, but
when it is time to nurse I am boss!”
Eliza is incredibly sweet and gentle! She is calm
like Leo as you can see in the pictures, and she 
loves to have her ears rubbed 😉

aka “I am not up for a photo shoot and will
go and hide under the pillow”
Twain is a big boy with an impressive frame and
a beautiful  b e a u t i f u l  color. He will stay slightly
darker than his mother.

LUISE hold
aka “every night between 3am and 4am I will fall
out the puppy bed, get lost and cry for Vanessa until
she puts me back to my siblings… between 1 and 3
times a night”
Luise was flirting with the camera today! She is a
very lovely girl and average in height and weight.
She loves to be carried around by us and give my 
son puppy kisses!

BEXTOR (Virginia) sold
aka “I am a pretty princess”
Bex is a very pretty girl and she is quite a ldady!
Puppies are usually quite messy from 4 weeks and
on, but not Bex! Bex is showing her siblings how big
girls go potty outside the puppy bed 😉

GINGER (Joanne) sold
aka “I love my human mommy the most!”
Ginger is extremely attached to humans and is
constantly seeking interaction with them. She can
be very noisy whenever she feels like we should
give her some attention and snuggles. You can
actually see in the pictures that she was constantly
walking towards me! I constantly had to crawl
away with the camera.

JANE hold
aka “I am a sleepy head”
Jane is a very typical lazy Whippets and would 
spend most of her days sleeping and napping. She
is and eye catcher with a nice feminine frame and
very pretty face. She likes to have her nose rubbed!

aka “I can sleep and nurse in pretty much h 
every position!”
Penelope still loves to sleep in all kind of off positions,
and she also doesn’t mind to nurse on her back. She
likes to sleep on top of her mommy and bite her siblings,
my finger or comforters as seen in the pictures 😉

aka “I am so lazy, I can barely lift my heavy 
heavy head”
Shakespeare has an excellent face symmetry and
beautiful even coat. He is extremely calm.. yeah…
calm sounds better than lazy. He is very attached to
humans and loves to be around them.

aka “I love being lazy together with
my brother Shakespeare”
Hemingway and Shakespeare seem to share a 
personality. He is just as calm and loves to be around
us. He developed and incredibly beautiful blue fawn 
coat with blue brindle, and a very pretty symmetric face.

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