Finding good homes for our babies is not easy…

… yet we master it every time we have a litter! I can say with full confidence, that we have always found great homes for our puppies. We stay in contact with most new owners of our puppies, which gives us the opportunity to see them growing up. It also gives us some reassurance that we made the right choice when it comes to their new families!

Last weekend, we were able to find excellent new homes for 4 of our 10 puppies! Whenever someone inquires about one of our puppies, I tell them that our offspring sells very quickly. And I am not just saying that as a marketing strategy… nope.. take a look at our 2013 litter and you will see that we were sold out before they turned 4 weeks old.

Someone requested additional pictures of Penelope and Joanne yesterday, because sometimes it is just hard to choose between two beautiful girls! The pictures turned out too beautiful not to share with the world…



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