1 week single shots

I know you were all desperately waiting for this! Here are the 1 week single shots of our puppies. Please don’t forget that they might be young, but they sure get around! Some puppies love to wiggle around or try to crawl away as soon as we try to display them, so we can not always provide the same amount or quality in single shots. 

Today was the first day we cleaned the “whelping closet”. We always replace towels and padding right after the whelping, but then we won’t touch it for about a week. Especially during the first week, the puppies rely on their smell and touch to find their mother, so it is best not to clean their nest. 
As always, Domino is a hands on dad and guarding the puppies whenever Moneypenny isn’t there, and cleaning them whenever Moneypenny can’t keep up with all 11 pups. 
Allan has been sold to a reputable Whippet breeder and is therefore no longer advertised as “for sale”. Of course he will stay with his siblings until he is ready to go to his new home.

Since we already determined the coats of all pups, they are now officially open for reservations. If you have questions about a puppy or our kennel in general, please contact us! If you would like me to call you, please send me an email with your number. I always like to set up a specific day and time for a chat. That way I can make sure that we won’t be interrupted, and I will have all the time in the world to answer your questions.

In about 4 days, the puppies will move to their new home, their spacious “whelping box”, where they will have a higher exposure to sunlight and our family.

Enough talk… here are the pictures…

Penelope is known to sleep (and nurse!) in the most awkward
positions. She developed a nice dark coat with just enough brindle.
She is the only real black puppy in this litter and looks a lot like
her full brother “Pippin” of the 2013 litter. She is already quite
the charming girl, and will have a nice frame once she grew up.

Hemingway is one of my favorites… don’t judge! He developed 
a very nice blue fawn coat with blue brindle. He is still quite
chunky and just absolutely adorable.

Virginia is a very sweet girl with a fawn and black brindle coat.
Although she seems to nurse all day long, she is quite petite and
will most likely always be on the smaller side of the Whippet standard.

Joanne, now called Ginger, is quite heavy for a girl and has very strong legs. This is
going to be a future running partner! She is very active and loves
to crawl around. She was the first one to escape from the closet.

Luise loves to wiggle around. Luckily, she was asleep when it
was time for our shoot today, so I actually got two really nice shots
of her (to make up for the 2 days old one’s!). Luise developed
a gorgeous fawn and black brindle coat from the tip of her nose
all the way down to her tail. 

Jane’s coat can now clearly be seen as blue, and she is already
showing us what a sweet and dainty girl she is going to be! She
loves to be held and seems very calm and balanced.

Shakespeare just reminds me  s o  m u c h  of “Merlin” from our
2013 litter. They have the same split black mask which reminds
me a little bit of a Panda Bear! He is as chunky as Hemingway
and as sweet as can be. His coat developed into a nice blue fawn
with blue brindle, which is getting lighter by the day.

Twains coat is getting more and more beautiful! He looks just 
like “Serenade” of our 2013 litter and will most likely turn out 
just like her! He is a real charming dude and has a beautiful black mask.

Eliza is the darkest fawn and black brindle without white markings. 
She is petite and always will be a little bit on the smaller side. She
is very sweet and loving, and I can’t wait to see her develop!

Leo’s coat turned a little lighter and is showing a nice even brindle.
He is not as “wiggly” as the other fawn/black brindle’s, and he 
loves to “hang out” with Shakespeare and Jane.

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