Moneypenny delivered 11 healthy and colorful puppies!

Yesterday evening at 6:15 pm, Moneypenny gave birth to her first puppy! At 5:25 am this morning she gave life to the 11th and last puppy. The whelping process went smooth, and there was never a reason for us to interfere or help. Although it is common and normal among breeders to lose puppies to stillbirth, respiratory issues or poor health, we were once more blessed with a survival rate of 100%! Each and every puppy is strong, healthy and nursing like a champ!

Once the puppies are three days old, we will do a quick assessment of gender, frame, color and markings, along with the first individual pictures. Until then I hope I can get you excited with the pictures we took last night during the whelping process.

first born female

second born male

solid blue

caring mother

My husband was kind enough to volunteer for the “puppy night shift”
Thank you!

a colorful…

… and hungry litter

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