Baby bump

Penny is about half way into her pregnancy and started to show a little bit. Her morning sickness was not as bad as I expected, but that lady sure has cravings! She stole several things from our kitchen counter this week, leaving me no choice but to put everything away where she can not reach it. Penny stopped playing all together and will now just watch Domino and Ada play. She also started to look for a nest where she can have her puppies and she chose… our closet… again!

We are excited! Although we still have a few more weeks to go, we are also getting ready and prepared to help with the birthing process. 

Did you buy a puppy from one of our former litters? Please don’t forget that you will have priority, if you wish to purchase a second (or third.. fourth… yeah.. Whippets are an addiction!) puppy. You will be able to make a reservation on a puppy even before they are officially for sale. 

Do you have questions about this upcoming litter and our kennel? Contact me! 

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