Estimated due date

Domino and Moneypenny successfully mated! The estimated due date is:

June 13 – 18

Opposed to some breeders, we will not schedule an ultrasound or even an x-ray for Moneypenny. Certainly all of you must know that x-rays during a pregnancy of any kind can be damaging to the offspring, and newest studies and researches have shown that an ultrasound can cause cancer and other forms of cell mutation in the future. Besides, we are expecting a pretty big litter again (9 – 11 pups maybe), which is just way too crowded in order to determine the litter size.

Moneypenny already started experiencing morning sickness. We started giving her extra love and attention, as well as she is now receiving puppy chow and supplements, in order to make this a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy.

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