Repeat of the breeding

Whippet fans, we have been so pleased with our February 2013 litter of “Domino vom Tempelgarten” x “Windchim’s Moneypenny” that we decided to repeat the breeding. Luckily, I received plenty of pictures of the puppies growing up, which helped me to determine their body structure, their coat, color as well as their substance. Now that the puppies are almost adults we can be certain that we achieved the goal that we originally had planned for this litter:

  • complying with the US and international Whippet standard
  • beautiful colors, markings and masks
  • a Whippet that tends towards the original European breed standard (a bit smaller than the US type and more lightweight)
  • good temperaments
  • free of genetic diseases

We are planning this new litter to arrive in April 2014, assuming that both dogs will do great at the prior health screenings and other measurements to ensure a healthy litter. If you have questions about this planned litter, don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call (or send me a text message!). I know that some of you showed interest in a puppy in case that we repeat this breeding. There will be a priority list for that prior to the birth of the puppies, but as of right now it is still too early to put names on it. I promise I will keep you posted!

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