A much longed for update

I need to apologize for not posting all these pictures earlier, but I can come up with an excellent excuse! Our life has been so busy since the puppies left us! πŸ™‚

Thank you for all the pictures and videos you have provided me with! It means a lot to us that we can stay in touch, as well as it is an excellent resource for us as breeders. We are trying to have healthy litters that conform with the breed standard and make an excellent addition to any family. However, that is only possible if we know how our litters are developing over the months and years.

As you might have noticed, my info@vanitywreaths.com email is not active anymore. But you can still reach me on my phone 910 922 9098 or my email address vanessa.kairuz@hotmail.com

And now enjoy the pictures and videos!


Fable shortly after he arrived at his new home





April is now living a pink and purple life πŸ™‚

April when she arrived at the airport

Arrow being lazy πŸ˜‰

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