The AKC registration of your puppy

Our litter is AKC registered. However, there is a difference between a litter registration (which is what our litter has) and an individual registration for one specific puppy. With the litter registration, your puppy is provably purebred and recognized by the AKC. If you have the intention to SHOW or BREED your puppy, you will need an individual registration for him. 

Every single puppy comes with the application form for the individual registration with the AKC. With this form you can register your puppy. It is cheaper if you do it before the puppies 1st birthday though 🙂  If you have no intention to breed or show him/her, then you will not need the individual one! However, an individual registration gives you the chance to order a fancy looking pedigree certificate 😉 … for some extra bucks of course.

Below you can see what the form looks like. You can simply fill out that form and send it to the AKC. However, you will have a code on that form which you can use to register the puppy online.

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