New single shots at 2 weeks!

I am so excited that we have already found amazing forever-homes for 6 of our puppies! They are all doing great and developing just fine. Some of them already started to slowly open their eyes. Enjoy the new single shots!

Please contact us at if you are interested in one of our puppies!

Cody was one of the first puppies to open his eyes.
This handsome little man is still available!

Fable (sold) is such a lazy boy! I
put him on the bed to take this single shot of him,
and he fell straight back to sleep.

Arrow (sold) started to look more and more like
his dad and is such a gentleman!

Figaro (sold) is a bustling litte guy, but he eventually
fell back to sleep too! 😉

Our beautiful Jasmine (sold). Her coat is developing
so nicely!

Merlin is still available! He is a very charming and
gentle young boy.

Luna (sold) didn’t mind to get some pictures taken.
She snuggled up on our comforter and fell back to

Serenade is still available. She is a very gentle and
loving girl. She loves to give kisses!

Pippin is the only white and black Whippet in ou litter.
This handsome young man is still available!

Tearose (sold) is still the elegant beauty among her
siblings. She loves giving kisses and snuggling in
my arms.

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