New single shots of the 7 days old pups!

How the time flies! Our puppies are already 7 days old, that is 1/8 of the time they will spend at our home, before they leave to their loving forever-homes. The first week of a puppy is always the most critical one. However, I was not surprised that all the puppies made it just fine, since they are all growing strong, fast and at pretty much the same pace. Let’s celebrate this first week with some new single shots!

Fable (sold) is our chubby boy, who got stuck a 
little bit during the delivery. He is a pretty laid 
back and loves to snuggle.

Cody’s coat has changed a lot since his birth. The 
brindle is much more obvious now.

Jasmine (sold) is getting even more beautiful 
with each day. 

Figaro (sold) was the first born and is still the darkest of
our litter. He is very agile and has lots of European

Merlin loves to be all snuggled up! We love the
white collar he has, and his cute facial expression.

Luna (sold) seems to be a very balanced girl. She 
has such a pretty face, and the brindled dot on her
head makes her stand out!

(Sold) Orlando’s coat is developing similar to Luna’s 
coat. His markings are very similar to those of his dad.

Pippin started to show a more obvious brindle. He 
gaines lots of weight during this week!

Tearose (sold) is a little lighter than Figaro, but has a 
white marking on her nose. It helps me to tell her apart
 from the dark pups.

Serenade surprised us with a much ligther coat. She
will almost certainly just turn out like her mom, a 
fawn brindle with black mask.

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